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Morrison Rothman LLP represents clients throughout the world. Whether you are creating a startup from your dorm room or leading a multinational company, you should have a team of attorneys who understand your vision. We speak your language, we understand the technology you are working with, and we pride ourselves on being part of your team.

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Areas of Practice

Video Games and esports

In the world of entertainment, no industry is faster growing or more exciting than video games and esports. With this sudden and rapid success, however, come a plethora of legal concerns and hurdles that are near impossible to navigate alone. Morrison Rothman has worked on countless deals within the games and esports industries, from publishing agreements to player contracts to distribution and licensing agreements. We understand your technology and the industry you exist in, and we will always speak to you in plain English, without a shroud of legalese.


Morrison Rothman provides in-depth privacy expertise in a wide range of areas. From children’s privacy to breach response to GDPR compliance, our attorneys are plugged into the latest developments of this fluctuating area of law.

Our firm regularly advises on compliance obligation with US privacy laws such as FTC’s Section 5 (and similar state laws), COPPA, Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), FCC’s privacy rules, data breach notifications, subpoenas, and self-regulatory standards. We also handle international regulatory compliance, including with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy Shield. Our firm has developed countless privacy policies for companies across various disciplines, and is one of the few firms that has deep knowledge of the complex privacy requirements when working with 3rd party advertisers.

intellectual property

Morrison Rothman has substantial experience in all aspects of trademark, copyright, and patent law from registration, establishment, protection, enforcement and licensing. We work with companies and individuals to first ensure that their intellectual property does not infringe other rights’ holders and then properly register their works. Morrison Rothman also polices and protects your intellectual property from infringement. Whether it is sending cease and desist letters to infringing parties or helping to protect your portfolio as you grow, Morrison Rothman knows how to help.


As your business grows, so will your corporate needs. Let Morrison Rothman help you choose the right corporate structure for you and implement it in a way that keeps you as free from liability as possible. We form companies in all 50 states and have colleagues in countless countries to assist foreign groups as well. Don’t guess when it comes to your company.

Employment law governs the rights and duties between employers and workers. These rules are primarily designed to keep workers safe and make sure they are treated fairly, although laws are in place to protect employers’ interests as well. Once your company is formed, we also help in the creation of employee handbooks, terms of services, hiring and termination procedures, and work to make sure everyone on both sides of the company/employee relationship understands what is expected of them.


Morrison Rothman provides legal services the creative community, including musicians, songwriters, arrangers, actors, directors, producers, photographers and designers. The firm has extensive experience negotiating and drafting agreements related to recording, publishing, licensing, merchandising, distribution, authorship, songwriting, management, development and production. Its practice areas encompass music, television, and film, including protection of intellectual property, licensing, and royalties.


Whether oral or written, people and businesses deal with contracts on a daily basis. Even the simplest of contracts is legally binding and comes with numerous responsibilities on both sides of a deal. It is crucial that you be informed of the legal ramifications associated with a contract and it be properly drafted to protect your rights.

Morrison Rothman has extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, and enforcing all types of contracts. Whether you are selling a business, hiring an artist under a work-for-hire agreement, or entering into a joint business venture, Morrison Rothman will not only negotiate the terms but draft the contract most favorable to you. In case of a breach, Morrison Rothman has its team ready to compel compliance with the contract and filed a lawsuit if necessary.